Declan Design

Creative designer and developer for both web and print originally from Stoke-on-Trent, UK, but currently working from various locations around the world. I have years of experience creating clean and professional designs, as well as websites that solve problems. I have a passion for captivating and tasteful design and working with clients to create solutions that help them grow.

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Maia Growth Capital

Logo and Website design for a financial consultant based in Denver Colorado

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The Cooperative Bank Graphic Design

Project in which I created all design work necessary for The Cooperative Bank based in Massachusetts. This included; brochures, posters, web pages, web and print advertisements and much more.

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Emergency Vet 24/7

Creating a searchable index of veterinarians in the US and developing a user friendly site for them to be accessed from.

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Saving Earth Logo Design

In this project I was tasked with creating a new logo for the company 'Saving Earth' I was given two images that the business liked and and asked to produce a logo resembling them

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NextChar Brochure Design

Brochure design for an environmental company seeking to win new investors with a professional and inspiring brochure showcasing their products and strengths.

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Ryman Enterprise Challenge Graphic Design

This was a project I worked on sponsored by Ryman which involved creating resources to be used in schools as part of an educational workshop

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ODM Graphic , Web and Social Media Design

Ongoing project where I work with a local business owner to design their website and graphics, grow social media, run marketing campaigns, and overall be the first point of contact for digital services.

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Peabody Plumbing Website Design

Complete web design and development for a small services business. Website goals were to attract new residential and business leads via a keyword-rich website which created organic leads.

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Bala Beach Investment Brochure

Brochure design to be handed out to investors to increase interest and push investment.

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CSP Website Design Proposal

Landing page design concept. The goal for this project was to create an impressive new landing page to inform potential customers and promote business to business sales

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